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3 Things To Know Before You Start Your Blog [Beginner’s Guide]

[Revisied Version]

What is a Blog?

What Does Blogging Means

Blog in another way known as a weblog is a website which is like a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of information in the form of text, audio, video, images

Back then blog was used as a diary or journal but now as the use of the internet is evolving so, is the blog. Today blog has become top priority platform when you are searching for something online, easy to access & easy to use. Remember the last time you were doubtful or curious about something & you googled it & as a result, a page of links popped-up, chances are very high that the majority of them were blog posts. Thousands of people are making a career out of blogging.

There are different types of blog

  • Individual blog
  • Multi-Author-Blog (MAB’s)
  • A video blog or Vlog’s
  • Microblogging (small posts)
  • Edublogs
  • Podcasts (Audio)

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6 Basic WordPress Plugins For A Successful Blog [Must Use]

must have plugins for successful blog

Must Have Plugins To Make Blogging Easy & User-Friendly

Topics covered

  • What Are Plugins
  • Why Do we need Plugins
  • Basic plugins that every blogger should use

What are Plugins

Plugins are add-ins or add-ons which are software components that add a specific feature to your blog just like extensions.

when added to blogs/website it allows customizations as per our wish

It reduces your work & enhances viewers experience

Why Do we need Plugins

Plug-ins are extensions that not only work towards making the experience of your user easy & comfy but there are also tons of plug-ins that can make blogger’s life super easy

Being a blogger we got to handle so many things on our site but what if there are plug-ins to do those things for you?

These plug-ins will not only make blogging super easy & less stressful but at the same time it will spare you a lot of time that you can spare it in some other important stuff

Basic plugins that every blogger should use

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Why Failure Is Important Part Of Your Success

Why failure is important & a part of your success...

Why Making An Attempt is More Important Than Succeeding

Why Failure Is An Important Part of your Success

Failure is a part of life, doing something & losing is not a big deal

But fearing failure & not doing what you really wanna do is when you actually fail

My dad always tells make that do what your heart wants regardless if you’ll succeed or not

because it is okay to look back & then think gosh can’t believe I did that rather then regretting all life thinking what if I did it

If what you ‘do, will be a success then it will be one more feather to your hat

And if you fail even then it will be an experience that will make you ready & stronger to face new challenges

It will be a new lesson, a new experience & it will also be one more wrong way how not to do the thing

every failure is a step towards a success

Try new things, it might be scary but it’ll be worth it

leaving comfort zone is where you need to start

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