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3 Things To Know Before You Start Your Blog [Beginner’s Guide]

[Revisied Version]

What is a Blog?

What Does Blogging Means

Blog in another way known as a weblog is a website which is like a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of information in the form of text, audio, video, images

Back then blog was used as a diary or journal but now as the use of the internet is evolving so, is the blog. Today blog has become top priority platform when you are searching for something online, easy to access & easy to use. Remember the last time you were doubtful or curious about something & you googled it & as a result, a page of links popped-up, chances are very high that the majority of them were blog posts. Thousands of people are making a career out of blogging.

There are different types of blog

  • Individual blog
  • Multi-Author-Blog (MAB’s)
  • A video blog or Vlog’s
  • Microblogging (small posts)
  • Edublogs
  • Podcasts (Audio)

Why do blogging?

Now when you got to know what is blogging the next question that might interest you is why to blog?

Well, the answer is quite simple because it might give you what you always wanted.

People believe the main necessity of life is food, clothes & house (Roti, Kapada & Makkan) but to maintain them you need a job or a financial source & the blog can be that for you & the best thing about it is you can do it from the comfort of your house & you can blog about what you love, be it sports, news, the latest trends, technology, DIY’s, home remedies, cooking & list goes on. Whatever interests you can be your topic of the blog.

If you are passionate about something & have knowledge about it then there are people out there who are ready to listen to it. Once your blog starts working well you could actually make a really good income from it. Also no tension of boss & deadlines 😉 Be your own boss!
Things to know before starting your blog[Begineer’s Guide]

What to blog

Now you know what blogging is & why should you blog but the main & important thing is what to blog?

This is a key factor for the working of the blog. What you blog will be the content of your blog & the quality of your content marks the success of your blog. Thus make sure that you decide correctly what you will blog about, which is also known as your niche. Selection of niche is really the main factor for selecting a domain which is your online address. We will talk more about domain & things to consider while selection domain in upcoming posts but now let’s focus on selecting a niche.

Factors to consider while selecting a niche

  • Select a topic which you are passionate about.
  • If you are not sure then think offline what is something that you like to talk or discuss with your friends & family. What is that your friends & family comes to ask your option about? What are you best on suggestion? What is that you have that will help others?
  • Don’t try to follow someone else – If you try to do this then you are doomed. Never ever blog about something just for the sake that someone else did a great job on that topic. Many people do this mistake they see some blogs which are very successful & they think to follow the same topic while they have min knowledge about that topic. They just select it because someone else is successfully doing it. There is no guaranty that what worked for them will work for you too…

             “Never follow someone else path your destination has your own path”

Some people like the idea of blogging but are not sure about niche & if you are one of them then don’t worry. All you need is to figure yourself out & that could be done by using free platforms. Even if you are someone who just wants to try blogging then the free platforms are the best for you.

Some of the free blogging platforms are-

WordPress (.com)



Tips & tricks on how to grow your blog into brand & what all essentials that need to make it a brand will be covered in the upcoming posts.

So stay tuned!



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