Why Failure Is Important Part Of Your Success

Why Failure Is Important Part Of Your Success

Why Making An Attempt is More Important Than Succeeding

Why Failure Is An Important Part of your Success

Failure is a part of life, doing something & losing is not a big deal

But fearing failure & not doing what you really wanna do is when you actually fail

My dad always tells make that do what your heart wants regardless if you’ll succeed or not

because it is okay to look back & then think gosh can’t believe I did that rather then regretting all life thinking what if I did it

If what you ‘do, will be a success then it will be one more feather to your hat

And if you fail even then it will be an experience that will make you ready & stronger to face new challenges

It will be a new lesson, a new experience & it will also be one more wrong way how not to do the thing

every failure is a step towards a success

Try new things, it might be scary but it’ll be worth it

leaving comfort zone is where you need to start

Comfort zone is Comfy But That’s It

coming out of comfort zone

As they say, only those people fall who makes an attempt to walk, if you just sit you’ll be safe but you’ll be just there.

Playing safe is the first thing that you need to stop if you want to become successful

when you get out of your comfort zone that is when your journey towards your dreams starts

remember stagnant water stints while flowing water is the stream

of beauty & purity

So do you want to be stagnant water or a stream?

Make A Choice!

it is up to if you wanna spend all your life dreaming or making those dreams a reality

Decide yourself do you really wanna spend all your life thinking “what if” or you wanna take a chance & build a life of adventures, new beginnings, new experiences & probably some awesome stories to share

Sometimes if you don’t do sacrifices for what you want, then what you want will be a sacrifice

So, make a choice

motivational quotes

Is sacrificing your dreams is worth not taking a risk or is taking a risk worth making your dream a reality

These are the choices you got to make if you want to become what your heart desires

Do you wanna Give up or Hang In

Giving up is easy

No risks, No harm but at the same time Not change at all

And Sometimes Change is what we all need

So Make A Choice!

Never Fear Failure- Why Failure is Important

Fearing failure is something that comes naturally & we all have faced it tons of time in our life

Fearing failure in School to College to Ultimately in LIfe

Sometimes This fear of failing makes us incapable of even trying, trust me

I have missed so many golden opportunities just because I was scared that I will fail & I ended up giving up on them without even trying & the question “what if ” still haunts me

I still ask myself “What if I had tried” & “Would it had been really that bad if I tried & failed”

Was the fear of failure really that scary enough that I missed that chance??

life choices

Seems like I will never get an answer to that question

But I realized one thing…

Why We Fail

We fail because we start fearing before attempting

The series of insecurities that run in our head

What if I fail?

What if this turns into a disaster?

what if I’m not good enough?

what if this is bad?

This what if might make us or break us so choose correctly what we add to this what if

Rather than thinking what if you fail

Ask yourself what if you succeed?

what if this is it?

what if you go through it & make it

What if even you fail but at least you tried it

Now the ball is in your coat

Decide what you want

Good Luck

Until then, keep smiling


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