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Where & How to find Copyright Free Photos for Your Blog

Where To Find Copyright-Free Photo’s for your Blog

Why Photos/Graphics are Important for your Blog

Photos/ Graphics plays the major role in holding the attention of your audience while having a catchy headline & interesting meta description might bring you a good amount of traffic but photos are the key that will have your audience engaged on your blog. Thus having access to copyright free photos is a must for a blogger

When the viewers land on your blog they don’t directly start reading the whole content, subconsciously their eyes will be looking for something that will make sure that the content is worthy enough of their time & that is what the good graphics do.

Having good quality & relevant pictures attached to your content will attract more attention to your content, don’t you think?

Have you ever landed up on the site with heavy write-ups with no graphics?

Was it able to hold your attention?

Studies show that out of 10 only 3% of people read the whole content

While the remaining 7% concentrate on bolded points, highlighted areas, pictures, links

So it would be a smart move to use it to your best interest!

Now you know that you have to use pictures/graphics for your blog. But…

What are the Things to consider while selecting graphics for your blog?

AS you must have understood having photos in your post is good for your blog

But there are certain things that you MUST know before choosing photos for your blog

How to find Copyright free photos for your blog
How to find Copyright free photos for your blog


The quality of the photo is really important

if you add a photo to your blog that doesn’t have good quality/clarity it might fail in grabbing the attention,

In fact, it might make a negative impact on users making them leave your blog! Surprised?

Don’t be! People judge easily & fast.

when your photo lacks in quality, clarity they thing so does the content on the blog & they leave!

They won’t even bother reading the content because the presentation of your blog disappointed them (Trust me I have done this many times myself), Thus choosing a photo that has good quality, eye-catching graphics & has good clarity is really important.


The photos you choose SHOULD be relevant to your blog!

I know this is quite an obvious thing but there are many who try to ignore this thing.

They think that if you place the popular photos on your blog it’ll help your blog but its a BIG NO!!!

I know cats photos or quotes are really popular on the net but you don’t want to see cat photo on the cooking website or quotes placed in between the gadget reviews. it doesn’t make sense.

So please only choose those photos that are relevant to your niche,  remember “Not Popular, Relevant! “


The Most important thing that you should consider while selecting graphics for your blog is to make SURE that they are COPYRIGHT-Free, this is a major factor which should not be ignored.

If not chances are very high that you will not be indexed by Google which means less traffic & worst your blog might be subjected to copyright infringement & plagiarism.

So please make sure that whichever photos, banners, logos you use all those graphics should be Copyright-Free or else it will impact very badly on your blog/site.


It is true that graphics holds users attention which in turn means more user engagement/activity on your blog but please don’t overdo it.

Just because having pictures in between blog content is helpful & attractive, don’t just stuff your blog post with a lot of photos, use only those that are relevant & important to convey your blog post.

Not every picture that is relevant to your blog post needs to be in the post, So choose wisely.


This is not a key factor but an important thing that you have to keep in mind while inserting photos in your blog, that is the photos SIZE… Don’t insert large size photos in your blog, make sure all the photos are of similar & are of appropriate size.

Photos that are large in size will affect the format of your blog as well as delay the loading speed of your post & that will be a bad blow for your blog. people don’t want to wait for a post that will take more than 8 seconds to load.

So try not to affect your page load speed with your blog pictures. resize the photos to appropriate size before posting or better there are many plugins to do this work for free, try using them.

If you want a suggestion, drop in comments I will let you know & No, No Sponsered or affiliate links just Personal Experience 😉

 Where to find free stock photos?

Here are the websites that I personally use & recommend to get free stock photos for your blog


It is a website where you can find free stock photos with great quality, lots of categories & are easily downloadable. I personally use it for all my blog. try it out


This is my second best if I can’t find what I want on Unsplash I try this one, It is a good place to find some good graphics for your blog

There are many more like pexels, & etc but these are the only two that I use. If you see, all the pictures on my blog can be found in basic form on these websites,

So I’m only recommending those which I have worked with & loved it.

Now finding free stocks photos on such websites is easy but many are used to using google photos, If you are one of them who are habited to using google then don’t worry there is a way for that too 😉

How to Find Copyright-free photos on Google Images?

Finding copyright free photos on google is easier than you think.

the first & the most simple thing is to search for it on google like you always do.

Use the relevant keyword to find the image you want on Google

Find Copyright Free photos in Google Images
How to find Copyright Free photos in Google Images

Click on the Tools & Select Usage Rights


 Copyright Free photos in Google Images
Get Fre Stock photos in Google Images

Once you Click on Usage Rights, It’ll  display a few options

  • Labeled for reuse with modification– If you select this option then the photos which are allowed for reuse, as well as modification, will be display, you can edit them as you wish.
  • Labeled for reuse– This option gives you permission to reuse the image
  • Not Filtered by License– When you are looking for Copyright free images, don’t use this option as it nullifies all Filters
  • Labeled for non-commercial reuse with modification– you can use the images & edit them too but only for non-commercial use, if you are using the photo for any commercial thing then Google might flag you. so try not to do that.
  • Labeled for non-commercial reuse– use photos only for non-commercial contents

A video that shows the Procedure!

I know the procedure is very simple but I got some messages asking me about this

So I thought about writing an article on this, hope it helps!

Please let me know how did you find the article & also if you have any queries or doubts let me know. I’ll try my best to solve it for you.

Also, I’m thinking about starting a routine of posting 1 blogging tip on FB every day,

Do let me know if you are interested?

Here is the Easy Blogging page, It is a  new page & I haven’t done anything much in there but I thought it’ll be a way to reach you people, more frequently. So drop in your comments & let me know.

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