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How To Start Right With Instagram Marketing [Instagram Marketing Guide- Part 2]

Instagram Marketing Guide- Part 2

Check this out for Part 1

Instagram is gaining popularity day by day.

The craze of it is just increasing & using it for growing your brand or yourself as an influencer is a smart move to make now but the Question is How?

  • How to Use Instagram to Grow your brand?
  • How to Use Instagram to Drive more traffic to your blog/ website?

Are you confuse about

How to use Instagram to Establish your DM career & become a Social Influencer?

If you are asking yourself these question then here I’m to give you answers to all your questions.

How to Start on a Right foot with Instagram Marketing

Start Instagram Marketing in the Right Way

Before anything, you got to know one simple & important thing about Instagram that is you can’t Sell on Instagram. If you think you can promote your product on Instagram & get more leads then I’m sorry to say but you are sadly mistaken.

If you want to sell your products on Instagram the only option is Indirect selling. If you try direct selling on Instagram it is going to fail.

Direct selling doesn’t work on Instagram, before trying to get sells for your product you got to build your brand on Instagram, make people trust you, influence them & only then you can get leads.

The First Step Towards Doing Indirect Selling on Instagram Is

 To Build Your Brand On Instagram


  • Rather than selling products, give people valuable content likes ideas, pics, quotes. Add value with your post such that it will hold their interest, It will influence them which in turn will make them follow you.
Step by step guide on Instagram Marketing

Once People Start To Trust You, Follow You – It Is A Time For The Second Step

  • Indirect Selling- Post about the products that are genuinely useful to your audience

Now, this might seem a bit complex or lot of work but it’s not, only if you try the right approach.

So Let’s Get On How To Build A Brand On Instagram

Many people have this misconception that getting a logo for your website is as same as building a brand.

“Logo is NOT a Brand”

Just because you got yourself a logo doesn’t mean that your brand is created, until & unless your logo becomes an identity, it is just an attachment & it is up to you how you make your logo your brand!

A logo is not your brand but it is a first step in creating your brand.

But before digging into creating your logo figure out what niche you want to follow & what sort of identity do you want to create.

Try to figure out what your target audience like? What they aspire?

Thus create your brand around it!

After you figure what niche you want to follow the next thing you should do is design a logo for your brand.

You can do this by yourself either by using Canva or any other designing tools. Or you can also higher someone professional do this at very low & reasonable prices.

There are many platforms where you can find someone who can do this work for you like





Once you get your logo designed & your niche figured out now the next & very important step is to create your brand’s identity.

Let your brand be an inspiration for people.

Build it in such a way that it will help people, let it be helpful, resourceful, motivational anything but your brand SHOULD add value to them only then your brand will get their trust.

Only when you create inspiration you can influence them.

So that takes us to the next part…

How to Create Inspiration

People often use Instagram to get new ideas – to either use them in their lives practically or to get inspired by them & use them as a Motivation/Inspiration

People get inspiration from the things that add value to their lives or at least influence their life

in any way & give them some light laughs & show them the life in a new way

Thus the best way to create inspiration is to know your target audience & understand what they are looking for??

What is that you have to offer that will be beneficial for them?

And how is it associated with your brand?

To create a brand you first got to create an idea that will help others & use it to create a lifestyle around your brand. You need to showcase it in such a way that people will wanna know more about it & follow you

Some of the pointers to achieve this are

  • The most important & basic thing- Honest Lifestyle

When you are showcasing a lifestyle make sure that you know what you are doing, let your stories speak for you.

Make sure they are honest & reliable. you can’t preach something that you don’t believe in or have absolutely no knowledge about.

Of course, you can get content on the net but when you are delivering, it is your responsibility that you provide the valued content only then you gain your audience trust.

  • Second Pointer – Content

Content that you will post, it got to be something that will be appreciated by your audience, that will add value to them & they can use it

The most viral content on Instagram is Memes, Quotes & Pictures

Please try to create your own content & not using others. It will build more value & gain trust

One URL One Chance – Use it wisely

Instagram provides you one chance to add one URL i.e in your bio

You can link it to your blog, website or your store

Refrain from providing a link to an offer rather direct them to some blog or Vlog where your audience can know

What it is?

Why it is used &

How beneficial it can be for them

And then let them decide whether they wanna buy or not

Make them take an action i.e to follow your profile

With the new update, Instagram bio allows you to use hashtags in your bio that will help to direct your audience to another site or profile.

If you add @ or # to any word in your bio, it will convert into a link

Don’t just try to sell but try to gain their trust

Don’t create a customer, create a true fan.

How To Sell On Instagram

Once your audience feels connected to you, they trust you it would be a lot easier to convert them into leads.

If you want to sell your products to your audience you can do it by creating a shop like Shopify but make sure that you only add those products that fit to the lifestyle that you have created around your niche

Create pictures, Quotes/Inspirational messages that talk about your products to gain the attention

If you don’t have your own products, you can try affiliate marketing.

It is one of the best & vast ways of making money online.

The trick to indirect selling on Instagram is rather than giving them offers, show them results & benefits of your products & that way you are likely to sell more

You can use Instagram Stories for getting more leads.

Thought the video length is way too small like 15 sec or so but Instagram stories are creating wonders in attracting eyeballs & conversions.

You can use IG stories to attract the audience or turn them into leads by using features like swipe up/tap

These features along with yes/no question in stories are creating great buzz

So make sure you use this feature of Instagram to fullest

When you are posting videos on IG feed (not stories) show your products, its effects & benefits & show your logo at the end.

Let their main focus be on the product

Now the next question you might have is

How you can get more followers on Instagram & How to Make Money from Instagram

Well to answer your question is Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are a 2-way street

You can either use sponsored posts to gain more follows by investing money or if you have huge followers list you can do sponsored posts to make money from IG

Sponsored posts give you a chance to grow your account rapidly

You can collaborate with accounts that have niche similar to yours & sponsored them to promote your account

Or  you could be the one with a large number of followers & getting paid to do sponsored posts for others

Big companies are finding IG influencers & ask them to do a shootout for them

Many big companies are leveraging IG users with a large following to do sponsored posts for them as that will get the word out soon

As the freeway needs time & effort sponsored posts are an easy way out

This could be done to gain more followers which in turn into leads.

You can do it or Use it

But while doing shootout make sure that

you let your followers know that it is a sponsored post(paid post)

In this way, it won’t be misleading which might make them lose their trust in you

Some of the sites that you can use for shootout are

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So here comes the last part of Instagram Marketing guide. I hope it helps you guys.

If you have any doubts or something else that needs to be discussed please let me know.

IG is testing new features as

geofencing, resharing content directly on your feed, hidden hashtags, adding gifs in the direct message

Will be doing a detailed post on it soon…



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