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Want To Learn Blogging In Hindi [Tips,Tricks & Guidance in Hindi]

Learn Blogging In Hindi

Want To Learn Blogging in Hindi

Hey Guys

First of all sorry for being MIA

I know I haven’t updated anything recently & didn’t even get time to reply to all your emails.

And I’m really very sorry about that!

But now I’m trying to be back & will keep on posting & will respond to all your emails ASAP

Thanks a lot for all your love & support

Now let’s get back to the main topic

Recently I got many msgs asking me to cover topics on

  • How to do blogging
  • How to Create a blog
  • How to get approved for Adsense
  • How to create a successful blog that can make money & many more
  • Easy step by step guide for blogging

& all this but in Hindi

TBH There are many people out there who are interested in blogging & are willing to take blogging as a career

but sometimes language works as a hindrance(lack of familiarity with English)

Thus I’m considering those requests & thinking about doing a separate set of blog posts on the above topics under

“Blogging In Hindi”

-The script will be in English but words will hold Hindi meaning

So what do you guys think about the idea? Interested?

Are you guys excited?

Do you guys it will be a good idea or should I drop it?


My Regular Blog-[Blog Beginner’s Guide Update]

Well Apart from that  I will be updating My blog, as usual, no changes there [Blogging in Hindi will not be affecting this]

Though I have many things to post & soon you all will be getting posts on

  • The first step in Blogging
  • Why most of the Blogs fail
  • Myths about blogging
  • Basic plugins that one must have for a successful blog
  • How to get approved by Adsense
  • Basic SEO for your Blog

& much more so stay tuned

And ya do let me know if you guys want me to cover anything else & also what you think about Blogging In Hindi

will love to hear your feedback!


Pooja S B


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