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4 Common Blogging Mistakes To Avoid For A Successful Blog

4 Common Mistakes To Avoid If You Want A Successful Blog

Common Blogging Mistakes

Want to know about blogging mistakes that you need to avoid in 2020 but before that…Let’s start with basics

Why Blogging?

Blogging is turning popular day by day

Many people are taking upon blogging some as a hobby & some as a career

everyday n number of blogs are created but only some manage to make a place for themselves

So what are the reasons that other blogs fail??

Is the content not great? or is the niche incorrect? or is it the blogger??


4 Reasons Why Blogs Fail [Avoid These Mistakes]

The common blogging mistakes/reasons why many of the blogs fail or die

or in other words, get lost on the web is because of these 4 usual blogging mistakes

  • lack of Consistency
  • Expectations
  • Copying
  • Waiting

Lack of Consistency

Consistency is a key to success,

When you start your blog

Everything is new

Publishing a new article, monitoring the stats. It is exciting

You’ll be a lot more focused, high on the enthusiasm

That you might be posting 1 article every day but then it will move to 2-3 articles a week to 2-3 articles a month

And it might also reach down to one article a month

This is the mistake that many bloggers do

Trust me it happens, I have been there done that & trust me that is really a bad blow

I’m not saying you got to publish an article every day

Take your time, work on it & then publish but maintain a schedule

Give yourself a deadline like you got to publish at least one article a week

i.e will summarize to 4 articles a month

Keep a schedule, a routine of work & follow it

It might look a bit difficult at first & you might feel nothing is coming to mind

But don’t give up

As in blogging, we are on our own,

Lack of boss hovering around & screaming for deadlines- gives us a sense of liberty

But it also gives us the responsibility to be dedicated to our work

So don’t let your laziness overtake you

Keep your work consistent even if it is just 2 articles a month

Stick to it, follow a schedule once you get adapted to it

Your mind will start working itself on & getting the best content out will be way too easy

Also, your being consistent will make your audience look forward to your new content

As they will get familiar to your schedule you’ll find more engagement

& working on your blog content will be easy & fun too

Also, it will maintain your blog’s credibility



Expecting too much is the common mistake that many bloggers do

When you start your blog, You don’t really expect much

So seeing visitors & even getting a single comment will make you happy

Heck when I started I used to get super happy even seeing 4-5 real-time visitors

But after some time you start expecting a lot from your blog

Where even 20-30 visitors a day might seem like less

You start expecting a lot (mistake!)

Like getting 2k-3k visitors a day

Getting lots of comments & increasing the share count

It is not wrong to expect & it is so not impossible

It will happen but… eventually

You can’t expect it to happen overnight

You just can’t expect that you publish 2-3 articles on your blog

And think that you created a brand

it doesn’t work that way

You got to work on it, day & night

months after month just work & then it will happen

all the establish blogs you see today, they didn’t turn into a brand overnight

it requires works, dedication & most importantly patience

you just got to focus on doing your part & the rest will follow

but many fail to do this

They create a blog, publish 5-8 articles & expect the magic to happen

but it won’t & it shouldn’t

when you start expecting to win a lottery even before purchasing one

You are just wasting your time

So work on your blog

write as much as you can, build the network, build the backlinks, build your audience & then

Your blog will definitely get its due credit


Yes copying, here I’m not talking about plagiarism

AS that itself is a crime both ethically & morally & one day or the other google will block your site out

And moreover, I personally feel plagiarism is like underestimating yourself

It shows you don’t believe in yourself, your knowledge, your talent so much that you need to rely on somebody’s else

But what I’m talking about is copying

I have seen many people do this mistake

They come across some really popular successful blogs & try to do the same with their blog

What I’m trying to say is sometimes people blindly take upon the niche because it is popular

even though they have absolutely no knowledge about it

For eg: Finance blogs area major hit in blogging field

But I’m a software engineering & really interested in Digital Marketing & Blogging

I personally love Music & Dance but if I decide upon creating a blog on finance?

Obviously, I can research, follow some experts & come up with blog posts

But will I really enjoy it?

one day or the another I’ll be bored of it because I’m not passionate about it

I personally feel the audience don’t only read the content we as bloggers write

but they also connect with the way we present

When we present something which is researched, analyzed

And what we present when we love it, have knowledge about it & moreover passionate about it

Makes a lot of difference

I personally believe blogging is about following your dreams, pursuing your passion

And enjoying yourself while being a helpful resource to others

Thus rather than copying others & turn your blog into pressure, not passion

Follow your heart, write about what you love & enjoy

chose niche according to you, not others & then let the words flow


This is the main mistake that many bloggers usually do

Bloggers publish their posts submit the URL to search console & then they wait for the traffic

Like I already said there are tons of blogs on your niche already

hoping that your audience will find your blog among those & will land on your site on their own

Isn’t that a little far-fetched?

It’s like you got a new phone number & you are waiting for your friends to call you, that too even without you giving them your number

What is the use of great content if you are not telling others about it

Of course, some viewers will land on your page without promotion

it can happen & it will but the traffic you get from this, will it be according to expectations?

I don’t think so & let’s not overlook that fact that it is a bit complicated for your audience too

& moreover Why wait for traffic when you can get the traffic?

There are n-number of portals out there which you can use to promote your content

Social Media are a boon for your content promotion

Why don’t use it for your benefit?

Many bloggers overlook this thing & end up getting their blog lost in this web

so don’t overlook promotion of your content

let people know what you have to offer & you’ll be amazed by the results

Hope this helps &  if you have any other doubts, queries or need any like of advice

feel free to contact me

I’ll be happy to help

Take Care & Enjoy

Loads of Love




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