are you underappreciated or underpaid? do you think you have the potential to make it big?

Stuck In 9-5 Job? Want To Quit Your Job? Then This One Is For You

Stuck In 9-5 Job

“Fair warning- If you love your job & happy doing it then this article is not meant for you-

Feel free to click that back button”

Because this article is meant for those who hate their job

For those who think they are underappreciated & underpaid. who keeps on wondering should I quit my job?

This article refers to those whose ROI is really less

Now you might be thinking come-on it is a job where does ROI come from? I don’t invest anything

Absolutely wrong!

You are investing so much; In fact, you are investing irreplaceable things like your time, your talent & your energy & still you aren’t happy

You are not satisfied with it; you are not well appreciated for it

But still, you are stuck with it because you think you don’t have a choice

Well think again

Should I Quit My Job?

Should I Quit My Job? Confused whether to quit your job or not? check this out


How many of you asked yourself or thought about this at least once??

” Should I Quit My Job ” –These 5 words can confuse you, scare you or even haunt you?

Because let’s be honest this is not an easy decision to make

There is a lot on a stake at the same time this is a risk that has the potential to change your life for better or worst

So the decision has to be made correctly

For me the 5 words were little different, It was Should I Take This Job?

After graduation, I got a job in a very good company, with good pay but somehow it didn’t appeal

I didn’t feel the happiness or that excitement that I thought the news would bring

It just didn’t feel right

So I made a choice to try something new

When all my friends went for courses or jobs like Software testing & development

I put myself into Digital Marketing

Being a software engineer I always loved working with PC/laptop

I love technology & from a young age, I always had this habit of maintaining a diary, where I used to write everything

My thoughts, Opinions & god knows what not

So when I got to know about Digital Marketing-Blogging it was too tempting to resist

So in July 2017, I started my first blog & from then the digital journey is just going on

And I love it.

Now I’m a Blogger, Freelancer & Affiliate Marketer

I couldn’t be happier with my life

As I work from my home; I get to spend time with my family

Recently my sis had babies, two super cuties who are my world now

My day starts with them & ends with them

Working on my terms gives me the opportunity to witness their every special moment which I would have missed if I had gone for a job

Trust me working a 9-5 job is not at all bad there are many who are doing it & spending amazing life

If you love it then go ahead live it

But if you don’t then don’t restrict yourself thinking that there are no opportunities out there because there are

Honestly, I don’t think there can be an any better person than me to tell you this that you can make it big by working from home, working online

Because I have seen it all

I have experienced what it feels when you say to someone that you work online & all they think about your work is just time passing & nothing much

Trust me I’m from a place where NO One even knows what digital marketing is

Whenever I used to tell someone that I do digital marketing & that too online

Their expressions used to say everything

Everyone thought She is a girl, she is just time passing until she gets married

She is already a software engineer so this is just time pass, a hobby thing

I can’t tell you how many people advised me to do M Tech/MBA

Some even offered to refer me to some MNC’s & honestly I never had a problem getting a job, I had a problem because I don’t want to do a job

I just wanted something different, which I would enjoy & also impact lives

Only recently when I started earning now they really understand what I’m doing has some actual value

Also now I have a group of 8 girls who are learning digital marketing from me
I’m helping them to set up their online business

One student of mine is very good in blouse designing she is showcasing her designs online & offering her services online

I couldn’t be more proud

So only if you think you have much more potential then what you are doing now then I highly recommend you to break your restrictions & take an action

Honestly, I do understand that taking an action is difficult as well as risky because it is not only you that it will affect but your whole family

But you also need to think if you succeed how much difference can you make to your family

Tricky subject right? Whether to quit or not?

” Should I Quit My Job “It is a hard choice to make

This is something my dad always tells me whenever I’m confused

“A frog in the pond always thinks that the pond is the whole world because it doesn’t know what is outside. So don’t be like a frog rather be like a bird, spread your wings & fly high”

There is so much to try out there, so much that you can do so why restrict yourself?

Let your thoughts run free & come up with something extract ordinary that can change you & your family’s life for good

And it’s not like you have to quit your job right now because there are many sides hustles that you can do along with your job

Because remember before quitting your job you need to have

  • Financial stability
  • Time stability

+These two are the most important things that you got to have before you make a choice of quitting

You got to have financial stability such that even if you don’t bring any money in for like 8-10 months you can still have your family secured, you can feed them without any extra cash coming in

And time stability because there is a whole world of opportunities which you got to try

What works & what not & let’s be honest you got to invest a lot of time to make it big

So you got to have TIME

This is not an instant ticket, you have to invest time & wait

So time stability is a must

To get a clear idea of what I’m saying & to decide what you need to do next

Read this book, every question of yours is answered in this book

One of my friends recommended me this book & I couldn’t be more thankful

A must-read Book for every Aspiring Entrepreneur

Must read book for every aspiring Entepreneur

The book that I’m highly recommending & has inspired me a lot is 80% Mindset 20% Skills by Dev Gadhvi

It is one of the most phenomenal & inspiring books that you could ever read

The topics it covers & the aspects it includes gives you a whole new idea on what to & how to shape your life

If you have read The 10X Rule book then you will surely love it because in a way it is inspired by that book

This book along with the 10X Rule by Grant Cardone can be a life-changing thing for anyone who dreams & wants to make it big

A must-read book for every entrepreneur

This book gives a clear idea of what to do to make that move?

How can one person win the entire world only if he believes he could?

How much important a correct mindset is?

And how much can a combination of mindset & skills change your life, give you a life you always dreamed off

If you are striving to get your career back on track or make a career or just want to get motivated then this should be on your must-read list

This book is a bundle of motivation & inspiration

A book that will give you a whole new idea on how to look at your life

A new perspective towards life, career & yourself

Many times in life we miss upon amazing opportunities only because we are too scared to take the action

Trust me this is the action that you need to take to change your life for better

Don’t trust me? check out the reviews on Amazon

This book talks about life & career in a whole different way

Whether you want to change your career, quit your job to do something of your own or even do better in your current job

This book will make you ready to jump in & give your best

The inspiration & itch to do the best of yourself is something that you’ll carry with yourself after reading these books

check them out & add them to your must-read list ASAP

Also if you have any book suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below

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