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Ubersuggest Is Now A Paid Keyword Research Tool

Ubersuggest is No Longer FREE

Ubersuggest By Neil Patel Is No Longer FREE

Ubersuggest by Neil Patel is one of the best free keyword research tools

There are many other keyword research tools out there such as Ahref & SEMrush, but they are paid

And Ubersuggest being the free tool was one of the favorites for beginners

But I guess from last night it isn’t free anymore

Although it is still free for some countries but for India it isn’t

Let’s check it out

Ubersuggest is Now Paid

I did a search for Affiliate marketing here is the result

Ubersuggest Keyword Research tool
Ubersuggest- Neil Patel

Now let’s check out the keywords

Ubersuggest Is Now Paid

As you can see – You get the keywords but Search volume & CPC are hidden

And if you are a digital marketer- whether a blogger, affiliate marketer, Seo expert or anything

You know it, that Search Volume & CPC are an important part of keyword result

But here to get those details you need to upgrade…

let’s see how much it costs

Ubersuggest Pricing

Ubersuggest will cost you Rs 300/month, You’ll get 2 months free if you select Yearly plan

Ubersuggest Pricing

It also gives you a 7-day free trial

Check it out & let us know what are your views on this

I feel it is pretty much affordable

Do you like the idea of turning Ubersuggest from Free to Paid

I’m thinking about making a post on Ubersuggest alternatives

Will you be interested?  let me know

Until then

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  • Reply


    16th February 2020

    I like this tool a lot…

  • Reply


    24th February 2020

    I remember Neil used to say “Ubersuggest will always be free, because I am not like Ahrefs, I do not want to earn money from it… blah..blah..blah”.
    So I guess, people who are “Rich and Successful” are “Rich and Successful” because they are liars.
    No issues, I will find Ubersuggest free alternatives.

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