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Where & How to find Copyright Free Photos for Your Blog

How to find Copyright free photos for your blog

Where To Find Copyright-Free Photo’s for your Blog

Why Photos/Graphics are Important for your Blog

Photos/ Graphics plays the major role in holding the attention of your audience while having a catchy headline & interesting meta description might bring you a good amount of traffic but photos are the key that will have your audience engaged on your blog. Thus having access to copyright free photos is a must for a blogger

When the viewers land on your blog they don’t directly start reading the whole content, subconsciously their eyes will be looking for something that will make sure that the content is worthy enough of their time & that is what the good graphics do.

Having good quality & relevant pictures attached to your content will attract more attention to your content, don’t you think?

Have you ever landed up on the site with heavy write-ups with no graphics?

Was it able to hold your attention?

Studies show that out of 10 only 3% of people read the whole content

While the remaining 7% concentrate on bolded points, highlighted areas, pictures, links

So it would be a smart move to use it to your best interest!

Now you know that you have to use pictures/graphics for your blog. But…

What are the Things to consider while selecting graphics for your blog?

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Add A Custom Search Engine To Your Blog/Website In 5 Minutes

How To Add A Custom Search Engine to Your Blog/Website In 5 Minutes

Adding a Custom Search Engine to your Blog will not only make your blog look professional & elegant but will also help your users big time,

it will be easy for them to find the content they like on your blog such that it will keep the audience hooked to your blog/site

The Procedure is dam Simple & It could be done in Maximum 5 Minutes

And It is also Free!!

So let’s Start

All you need is a Google Account & website


Add Custom Search bar to your Blog, custom Search engine for website/blog

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Easy Guide on How to Start Your Blog From Scratch
Easy guide on how to start a blog?

How to Start Your Blog From Scratch [Beginner’s Guide]

Blogging can be a beautiful journey when did right!

There are thousands of people who are not only making a living out of it but also building a brand of themselves.

Want to Create your Online Presence?

Want to Start a Successful Blog?

Starting a Blog is the First step in building your online presence & creating a brand for yourself. Honestly, It is sort of proud thing to do;).

Having a platform which belongs to you, where you can express yourself, let your thoughts be heard by others, share the knowledge that you have, getting a chance to impact & inspire someone is really great <3

Many people are fascinated with the idea of blogging but many are clueless about how to start a blog. While it is an easy process but finding the correct resources is important.

If you want to start your own blog than there are some things that you have to be clear about, before getting started

Check them out here Things to know before you start your blog [Beginner’s Guide]

Now when you are clear that you want to blog the next question is how to start a blog?

So, here I’m to help you out.

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