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Make Your Passion As Your Career [ Career Choices- Right or Wrong? Safe & Stable or Passion & Dreams]

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Career Choices- Right or Wrong? Safe & Stable or Passion & Dreams

The basic mantra of life is to follow your heart, do what you love & you’ll be Successful & Happy!

But the majority of people are failing in doing this. Their heart will choose one passion & their mind will choose other for profession & it will be like riding two boats at a time, at last, you’ll end up falling in high stressful life, lack of peace of mind & add-on pressure but whose is to blame right?

Passion can’t pay your bills, right? Is it so?

Back then probably yes but not now.

There is an entirely digital world out there which is ready to pay you for your passion. If you have a talent then lots of opportunities are out there waiting for you. All you need to do is take a chance!

If you are a recent graduate & looking for something exciting then this is worth giving a shot.

Trust yourself & take a risk to be different, I’m talking from my own experience.

If you are sure that your passion speaks to you, take a step towards it, put in your effort & hard work then there is no one stopping you from achieving what you want & what you deserve

What Next? follow heart or find stability? passion or pressure? dream job or a safe job? work pressure or fun work? confused abt what to do? Check this out!

Here is how Digital World can help you in achieving your dreams.

If you are interested in Traveling, Cooking, and Music or If you are a technic who likes trying new gadgets as soon as they are out, has lots of knowledge about anything or everything If you are a Photographer, Choreographer or Handcraft expert & list goes on. Anything & Everything as long as it has quality & well presented .it is appreciated.

Platforms you could use to showcase your talent are


If writing is your plus point, then the blog is your key to success.

A spiral notebook and a book on a white desk with an iMac

Imagine when you search something on Google & all the articles pop up, yours could be one of them. Gone those days when if we need to find something or know about something we use to search through books or ask others, now we ask search engines 😉

The Internet is a place where all Knowledge is gained & shared. So, if you have knowledge about something why not share it with those who are interested?

There are many platforms like BlogSpot, WordPress(free & paid), Wix where you could follow your passion, make a career out of it & earn pretty well.

I’ll explain in detail in an upcoming post. So, if you are interested, stay tuned.


How many times do you open YT? For Movies, latest Trends/News, Food Recipes,  Product Reviews, New Places, Remedies, Unknown Facts, Funny Videos, DIY & list goes on.

Image result for youtube marketing

As the list is unlimited so is the opportunity. If you are interested in any of the above or if you have some news ideas & dedicated enough to put in time & hard work than don’t hesitate to give it a try.

If your content has the quality it will grab Views & Subscribers & once you start to have a decent amount of activity on your channel, chances are very high that you will start earning pretty well. Just effort & patience is all you need.


Are you a Photographer, Traveller, Critic, Inspirational Speaker or something similar?

There is a wide range of people who are from different fields, they have different interest & they are making a living on earnings from Instagram.

Affiliate Marketing

Probably the most valuable & widely used medium of earning by doing what you love. If you are from a marketing background or love advertising then this is a perfect role for you. Where you could work the comfort of your house, in your own territory, without any deadlines& make an amazing Revenue.

Image result for affiliate marketing

An Amazing opportunity for people interested in this field is opening up soon & I’ll be posting it here. So, if you are interested don’t give it a miss

This is just a preview of what all opportunities are out there if you don’t want to do 9-5 jobs.

More details on about all of these platforms & especially on Blogging will be shared in the upcoming posts.(As I’m a blogger, I love talking & sharing about it)

Everything you need to know to start your own blog will be shared here & No, it is not a course.

I love blogging & I know how much complex it might look for beginners but it is way too easy & quite fun but there are some aspects which might make anyone tear their hair out, so I want to help the best way I can!

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