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How To Create A Subdomain & Install WordPress On It

How To Create a Subdomain & Install WordPress On It

How To Create A Subdomain

Subdomains(a subdivision of a domain) are a part of your original domain but it’s altogether a new website for Google

You can have multiple blogs for different niches using a single registered domain by just creating subdomains

For example, My registered root domain is

And these two are my subdomains  (coming soon)

Like this, you can register one domain & can run multiple websites/blogs using subdomains…Interesting right?

So let’s start creating one

Creating A Subdomain for My Domain

To create a subdomain for your existing domain follow these steps

First log-in to the Cpanel provided by your hosting company

Then go to domain section & click on Subdomain

Create a Subdomain in cpanel
                                                             Create a Subdomain in cpanel

You’ll be directed to a new page

Now insert the name you chose for your new subdomain

If you have more than one domain registered, then make sure you choose the correct one

As soon as you type the subdomain name, automatically a document root will be created which can be accessed in the file manager

Then click on create & that’s it

Create a new subdomain
                                                                      Create a new subdomain

Your Subdomain Is Created

Check your subdomain

Open the subdomain URL in a new tab.

As there is nothing on the domain, the following page will be displayed

how to Create Subdomain in cpanel

If you can see this page, it means your subdomain is successfully created

Now when the subdomain is created the next thing is what to do with this domain

if you want you can redirect it to any other existing site

Just click on manage redirection

Check the new subdomain & manage the redirection

Or you can download WordPress on this subdomain & get yourself a new blog

Installing WordPress On Your Subdomain

With one click installation provided by almost all hosting companies, installation of WordPress is an easy task

Let’s check out how to Install WordPress on a subdomain

To Start the Installation Process

Login into the c-panel of your hosting account

Search For App Installer

Installing WordPress On Subdomain
                                              Installing WordPress On Subdomain

Click On WordPress Icon

Install WordPress On Subdomain
                                                                     Install WordPress On Subdomain

While Installing The WordPress, Make sure you choose the subdomain,

If you choose your main domain then the installation will be overwritten & you’ll end up losing your original domain content

So be careful while choosing

Leave the directory section blank as the directory is already created during subdomain creation so no need to do again

Setting up wordpress on subdomain
                                                                  Setting up WordPress on a subdomain

Specify the name of your site & give a small description

setting up wordpress blog
                                                                              Setting Up WordPress Blog

Add Admin Details

Specify Username, Password & provide your email address

Next Step is to Create a Database for the new blog on a subdomain

setting up a blog on subdomain & creating a database
                                                      Setting Up A Blog On Subdomain & Creating A Database

Final Step In WordPress Installation On A Subdomain

Select a theme for your blog, this is temporary & changeable anytime

If you don’t choose any theme, then the default theme will be installed & you can set-up a new theme afterward

Once you are done

Just click on Install & let the installation begin

Themes For WordPress Blog
                                                                        Themes For WordPress Blog

It will hardly take 1-2 minutes for Installation

Install WordPress On Your Subdomain In 2 minutes
                              Install WordPress On Your Subdomain In 2 minutes

Now Your New Blog Is All Up & Ready

How to create a WordPress Blog Subdomain
                                                WordPress Blog Subdomain

Just log-in with the admin details & start your blogging journey

Customize your blog according to your wishes

Play around with new themes & plug-ins

Try what works for you & what Not

All The Best For The New Journey

Hope this article was useful

Thanks for reading & if you have any doubt, feel free to contact me or drop in a comment

Will get back to you ASAP.

Until Next Time

Keep Blogging. Keep Learning



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