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Online Millionarie Summit [A Revolutionary Event For Online Marketers]

Online Millionaire Summit

Are you a student who wanna make a career in Digital Marketing?

Do you wanna be an Entrepreneur?

ARe you a Digital Marketing Aspirant looking to build your own business?

If so, then here is an event that could shouldn’t & couldn’t miss



Where legends from all the fields from Blogging to Youtube, Dropshipping to Affiliate marketing, SEO to Content marketing

will come together.

This Summit will be held online starting from March 10- March 15

🔥🔥 India’s Top 20 Experts are coming together to teach “How To Make Money Online”

Where  top experts from all fields- Digital Marketers, Bloggers, Influencers, YouTubers & Online Entrepreneurs share how they got started, lessons learned and their tips for others

These are the experts who have been featured in major media outlets, TEDx Talk, built successful businesses and much more

And they are all coming together at a single platform to drop value bombs. 😍

Nowadays many people are passionate about building their own online business

To work from the comfort of their home, be their own boss, lead a life of freedom & make a living


This summit will guide you on which path to take & what steps to make. it will Continue Reading

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Make Your Passion As Your Career [ Career Choices- Right or Wrong? Safe & Stable or Passion & Dreams]

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[Editors Note- Recently updated to maintain freshness & newness of content.]

Career Choices- Right or Wrong? Safe & Stable or Passion & Dreams

The basic mantra of life is to follow your heart, do what you love & you’ll be Successful & Happy!

But the majority of people are failing in doing this. Their heart will choose one passion & their mind will choose other for profession & it will be like riding two boats at a time, at last, you’ll end up falling in high stressful life, lack of peace of mind & add-on pressure but whose is to blame right?

Passion can’t pay your bills, right? Is it so?

Back then probably yes but not now.

There is an entirely digital world out there which is ready to pay you for your passion. If you have a talent then lots of opportunities are out there waiting for you. All you need to do is take a chance!

If you are a recent graduate & looking for something exciting then this is worth giving a shot.

Trust yourself & take a risk to be different, I’m talking from my own experience.

If you are sure that your passion speaks to you, take a step towards it, put in your effort & hard work then there is no one stopping you from achieving what you want & what you deserve

What Next? follow heart or find stability? passion or pressure? dream job or a safe job? work pressure or fun work? confused abt what to do? Check this out!

Here is how Digital World can help you in achieving your dreams.

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How To Start Right With Instagram Marketing [Instagram Marketing Guide- Part 2]

Instagram Marketing Guide- Part 2

Check this out for Part 1

Instagram is gaining popularity day by day.

The craze of it is just increasing & using it for growing your brand or yourself as an influencer is a smart move to make now but the Question is How?

  • How to Use Instagram to Grow your brand?
  • How to Use Instagram to Drive more traffic to your blog/ website?

Are you confuse about

How to use Instagram to Establish your DM career & become a Social Influencer?

If you are asking yourself these question then here I’m to give you answers to all your questions.

How to Start on a Right foot with Instagram Marketing

Start Instagram Marketing in the Right Way

Before anything, you got to know one simple & important thing about Instagram that is you can’t Sell on Instagram. If you think you can promote your product on Instagram & get more leads then I’m sorry to say but you are sadly mistaken.

If you want to sell your products on Instagram the only option is Indirect selling. If you try direct selling on Instagram it is going to fail.

Direct selling doesn’t work on Instagram, before trying to get sells for your product you got to build your brand on Instagram, make people trust you, influence them & only then you can get leads.

The First Step Towards Doing Indirect Selling on Instagram Is

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How To Get Popular On Instagram [Instagram Marketing Guide- Part 1]

How to get popular on Instagram

How to get Instafamous [Things to know about Instagram Marketing]

How to Go Viral on Instagram

Instagram is a Social media platform that became popular Since its launch in 2010, it has millions of monthly active users & it is not just for personal use, it is a globally recognized platform that allows you to connect with your audience, inspire them & impact their lives & it is also a great medium to do indirect selling & also helps in driving more traffic to your site.

[Instagram Marketing] How to become an Influencer on Instagram

The most important thing to keep in mind when you want to do Instagram Marketing is “Focus on Influencing, Not on Selling”

Instagram is a platform which people use to get inspiration & new ideas & the only way you could ever get popular on Instagram is by showing them the real you. Let them connect with what you post.

Before we start with Instagram Marketing you have to know what & how is Instagram different from other Social Media Platforms

Different Social Media Platforms

The best way to get started on any social media is to know how it works, how the users behave & what they expect.

Only when you have an idea about the expectation of your user, you can fulfill them. Every Social Media has different features &  different expectations of the user. So, the first & foremost thing to do while using social media is to know your SM Platform.

So let’s dig in to know the different social media platforms

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