why Easy Blogging

Who is Pooja S B

A dreamer & achiever, being a Software Engineer graduate.

There were quite a few options available for a career, but honestly, none of them appealed to me.

Thus went on a quest to find something worth doing that is how I stumbled upon Digital Marketing.

And that is when everything begins…

It started in July 2017 & today I’m a proud Blogger, Freelancer & Affiliate Marketer.

Living my life as I dreamed <3 <3

Working on my own terms, being around my family & earning quite enough.

Life couldn’t have been better.


What Changed Pooja S B Life??

I’m really proud that after BE rather than being 11 in 10 crowds I decided to choose my own path

Though It was different, many didn’t understand it

But I went with my <3 & never regretted it even for a second

And that is what I want to tell everyone…

Follow your dreams, let your heart lead you.


To everyone who wants to do something different, go for it

As long as it feels right, it is right


Being in the comfort zone is comfy but that’s it…

To reach new heights at least you got to take the first step…


Good luck to all to you & need any help?

Feel free to contact