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6 Basic WordPress Plugins For A Successful Blog [Must Use]

must have plugins for successful blog

Must Have Plugins To Make Blogging Easy & User-Friendly

Topics covered

  • What Are Plugins
  • Why Do we need Plugins
  • Basic plugins that every blogger should use

What are Plugins

Plugins are add-ins or add-ons which are software components that add a specific feature to your blog just like extensions.

when added to blogs/website it allows customizations as per our wish

It reduces your work & enhances viewers experience

Why Do we need Plugins

Plug-ins are extensions that not only work towards making the experience of your user easy & comfy but there are also tons of plug-ins that can make blogger’s life super easy

Being a blogger we got to handle so many things on our site but what if there are plug-ins to do those things for you?

These plug-ins will not only make blogging super easy & less stressful but at the same time it will spare you a lot of time that you can spare it in some other important stuff

Basic plugins that every blogger should use

There are tons of plug-ins out there to do an n-number of tasks

Every plug-in carries a specific feature that you could make use off but today lets just discuss the basic set of plug-ins that are a Must for a successful blog

Google Analytics

Must use plugins for successful blog
                                       Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a part of Google Web Tools that help you to monitor your site & gain all the insights

Google Analytics Dashboard Plug-in enables you to track your site using GA Tracking code

& allows you to view GA stats in your WordPress dashboard

It will give you all the insights & stats of your site-

how many users came to your site, their locations, traffic source, time spent on the site & so on

it will make monitoring your site so dam easy

All though there are many GA plug-ins but this is the one I use & recommend

Back-Up Plug-ins

Back up plug-ins are one of the most important plug-ins that you got to have on your blog

These extensions are lifesavers when some unexpected technical errors occur like a server going down or worst server shutting, rare but it does happen sometimes they have to reinstall which will lead into you losing your content & important data

Taking the regular back up is one of the important things that you got to do to keep your site safe

so that even if  unexpected errors occur

you can always use the backup to get your site back, up & running

backup your wordpress site/blog

These plugins are way too easy to handle, just configure them once & they’ll do their work in the background without affecting you

In fact, it will make your life lot easier by taking a load off you

Just configure them on how- when – at what time you want the plugin to  take backup & that’s it

It will take care of the rest & also you can store the backup on n-number of platforms

There are many options like G-cloud, G-drive, your device, Dropbox, Email/Gmail, FTP etc

These are either available in basic plug-in or you can get them as add-ons

There are many plug-ins with both free as well as premium plans

So choose the one you feel comfortable but please do install one

Some of the backup plugins are Updraftplus, WordPress Backup & Migrate, WP Time Capsule, BackWpUp


Sitemap creates a page that will have links to all the pages present on your website & that page should be submitted to search engines

This will make it easier for your site to be found & crawled by search engines

it is also part of basic SEO of for your blog.

the sitemap should be easy to discover so that search engines can crawl & list your sites so this is very important for your site

there are many plug-ins that can create sitemap but I personally love XML Sitemap & Google News


google sitemap


Accelerated Mobile Pages

This is really an important feature that you need to adapt to make your site user-friendly

you might wonder what does amp mean or do right?

As we know the majority of people surf the net on phone & tab so when they land on your site

if your site is not mobile friendly, if they have to zoom in/zoom out to read & move around then chances are very high that they might just skip your site

people are having very less patience so when they don’t find your site easy to operate they might just leave it

even though if your site contains good content that might interest them

so in all, you might lose a potential traffic just because your site was not easy to read on mobile or tab


Basic plugins must hv for successful blog- AMP

That is why it is very important to have a plug-in that will make sure to display your site compatible with various devices

when this plug-in is activated it will display your site as per the device of the user making it user-friendly

although there are many responsive themes that cover amp too, still I would recommend you to have amp plug-in too

This will lead to more engagement

There are many plug-ins like AMP, AMP for WP

Image Compressor

Image compressor, some people may overlook this feature but being one of those bloggers who always use graphics in the post

I would certainly recommend you to use it

this plug-in automatically compresses the images that you include in the posts making the page/image load time really less & increases the speed.

Also, it compresses to the exact resolution making it visually appealing to the viewers & also with great graphics, chances are good that you’ll rank higher in search engines

There are many plugins but Smush is the one that I have been using & by far no complaints


basic plugin that one should hv for successful blog- image compressor
                                     Image Compressor Plug-in


AntiSpam Plugins

Akismet Anti-Spam is a pre-installed plugin that almost all WordPress installation has.

you can continue using the same or you can option for other one but make sure you have one installed on your site

As you site/blog starts getting the traffic you will notice an increase in the comments, it might make you happy but in reality, many of them are spam comments

Every time monitoring comments & rejecting the spam comments is not a big task but it might take some time & also when you have provision to lessen your work then why not?

These anti-spam plug-ins do this work for you

AS soon as someone comments on your blog, these plugins check the comments to see whether they are spam or not

Discarding these spam comments will save a lot of disk space of your site



web security of your site

All though these are not all the plugins you might need still, these are definitely the basics of what you will need

there are tons of others that you can use & will be super useful for you

also, I would recommend you to have an email subscription plug-in

To collect subscribes which will help you a lot in building your email list

So this is it for now

Have lots of things to share will be back soon & from now on every Tuesday I’ll be posting something new

So stick around

Also if you have any doubt feel free to contact me I’ll be more than happy to help

Until then

Take care & Keep Blogging

Pooja S B

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