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Online Millionarie Summit [A Revolutionary Event For Online Marketers]

Online Millionaire Summit

Are you a student who wanna make a career in Digital Marketing?

Do you wanna be an Entrepreneur?

ARe you a Digital Marketing Aspirant looking to build your own business?

If so, then here is an event that could shouldn’t & couldn’t miss



Where legends from all the fields from Blogging to Youtube, Dropshipping to Affiliate marketing, SEO to Content marketing

will come together.

This Summit will be held online starting from March 10- March 15

🔥🔥 India’s Top 20 Experts are coming together to teach “How To Make Money Online”

Where  top experts from all fields- Digital Marketers, Bloggers, Influencers, YouTubers & Online Entrepreneurs share how they got started, lessons learned and their tips for others

These are the experts who have been featured in major media outlets, TEDx Talk, built successful businesses and much more

And they are all coming together at a single platform to drop value bombs. 😍

Nowadays many people are passionate about building their own online business

To work from the comfort of their home, be their own boss, lead a life of freedom & make a living


This summit will guide you on which path to take & what steps to make. it will Continue Reading

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How To Create A Subdomain & Install WordPress On It

How To Create a Subdomain & Install WordPress On It
How To Create a Subdomain & Install WordPress On It

How To Create A Subdomain

Subdomains(a subdivision of a domain) are a part of your original domain but it’s altogether a new website for Google

You can have multiple blogs for different niches using a single registered domain by just creating subdomains

For example, My registered root domain is

And these two are my subdomains  (coming soon)

Like this, you can register one domain & can run multiple websites/blogs using subdomains…Interesting right?

So let’s start creating one

Creating A Subdomain for My Domain

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